MirrorLink with an Android car radio

Naviskauto C0255 connected via MirrorLink with the Samsung Galaxy S3

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Today I describe which steps are necessary to display and operate the screen content of your smartphone via MirrorLink on an Android car radio.

I did this with a Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Naviskauto C0255, but the procedure will also work with other smartphones and other Android car radios.

Step 1: For the MirrorLink with an Android car radio you first have to go to the properties of your smartphone and open the menu item “Info about device” under Options. Then go to the entry “Build number” and click on it about 7 times. The message “The development mode has been activated” will appear. If you now go back to the options, there is the new menu entry “Developer options”.

Properties -> Options


Step 2: Open this menu item and check the entry “USB-Debugging”.

USB Debugging
Enable USB debugging


Step 3: Now you have to start the EasyConnect app on your Android car radio.

Launch Easy Connect
Launch Easy Connect


Step 4: Now click on the button “Android USB”.

Select Android USB

Step 5: Now you can connect your smartphone to your car stereo using the USB cable. The connection will then be established in a few seconds.

Connecting the USB cable

Step 6: Now you can operate your smartphone on the radio display !

The connection is established


Step 7: In the left corner you see three dots. When you click on them, a menu bar appears to replace the hardware buttons on your phone. Done.

Step 8: If you are using a Samsung smartphone with Android 8, at least the App Car Mode must be installed.

In this video tutorial LG Mirror Drive is implemented as a hack and the message windows are switched off. Afterwards the app Button Savior Non Root is added to the device:

MirrorLink Samsung How-to mirror all apps

I then called Navigon and could operate it via the car radio. With the three points you can also show a menu bar there.

Further information

Here you will find everything you need to know if you haven’t yet dealt with the topic:

The overview of Android car radios for all newcomers

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