The best apps for your Android car radio

android carstereo app
Car Launcher Pro is one of many Android carstereo apps for an alternative user interface

Dirk Heimbürger | Created 15.01.2018

You need these Android carstereo apps on your device

If you are in front of your door and connected to your local WLAN, or if you are connected to your mobile phone via tethering, you can install Android carstereo apps from the Play store. Read More


The best accessories for your Android car radio

Accessories car stereo
Digital radio reception with a DAB+ receiver as accessory for your Android car radio

Dirk Heimbürger | created 14.01.2018, supplemented 10.06.2019

You need this hardware for your Android car radio

There are a variety of useful accessories for your Android car radio that you can connect. First and foremost is Internet access for navigation with Google Maps or other navigation software. Internet radio is also becoming increasingly popular. If you have a NAS at home, you can even play music from it.

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MirrorLink with android carstereo

Naviskauto C0255 connected to Samsung Galaxy S3 with MirrorLink

Dirk Heimbürger | Created

Today I describe what steps are needed to display and operate the screen content of your smartphone via MirrorLink on an Android car radio.

I have done this with a Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Naviskauto C0255, but the procedure will also work for other smartphones and Android car radios. Read More