MirrorLink with android carstereo

Naviskauto C0255 connected to Samsung Galaxy S3 with MirrorLink

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Today I describe what steps are needed to display and operate the screen content of your smartphone via MirrorLink on an Android car radio.

I have done this with a Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Naviskauto C0255, but the procedure will also work for other smartphones and Android car radios.

Step 1: For the MirrorLink with an Android car radio you first have to go into the properties of your smartphone and under Options open the menu item “info to Device”. Then you go to the “build number” entry and click on it about 7 times. The message “Development mode has been activated” appears. If you go back to the options, the new “Developer Options” menu item will be available.

Settings -> Options

Step 2: Open this menu item and place a check mark on the entry “USB debugging”.

Activate USB-Debugging

Step 3: Now you must start the app EasyConnect on your Android car radio.

Start Easy Connect

Step 4: Now click on the “Android USB” button.

Choose Android USB

Step 5: Now you can connect your phone to the car stereo with the USB cable. Then the connection is made after a few seconds.

Connect USB Cable

Step 6: Now you can also use your smartphone on the radio display!

We have a connection
Step 7: In the left corner you see three points. If you click on it, you will see a menu bar as a replacement for the hardware buttons of the smartphone. Finished.

I then called Navigon and could operate it via the car radio. With the three points you can also show a menu bar there.

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I have created the post on 01.01.2018!


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