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Accessories car stereo
Digital radio reception with a DAB+ receiver as accessory for your Android car radio

Dirk Heimbürger | created 14.01.2018, supplemented 13.04.2020

You need this hardware for your Android car radio

There are a variety of useful accessories for your Android car radio that you can connect. First and foremost is Internet access for navigation with Google Maps or other navigation software. Internet radio is also becoming increasingly popular. If you have a NAS at home, you can even play music from it.

Internet access

To stream music or navigate online in your car, you need Internet access. Instead of a 3G stick, which often causes problems with the drivers, you should use a WiFi router.

Accessories car stereo
Unlocked 4G LTE USB Modem 100 Mbps Mini USB at Amazon

Recommended here is the KuWfi 4G Stick, which even receives LTE and lets the car radio access it via WLAN.  After connecting to the WLAN of the stick you have to enter in your browser, log in with Admin/Admin and enter the APN of your provider in the settings.
The best way is to get a partner SIM card from your phone provider. Alternatively, you could also use a free SIM card. Don’t forget to deactivate the SIM card password! Otherwise the stick will not be able to connect to the Internet.


All fans of digital radio can expand their car radio with adapters for receiving DAB+. These adapters works with radios from Pumpkin, Xtrons, Xomax and Erisin:

Accessories car stereo
Tosuny DAB+ Radio Adapter Car Kit at Amazon


Accessories car stereo
Fansport Car Antenna Amplifier DAB+ FM and AM Waterproof at amazon

This excellent roof antenna is the first choice for DAB+ and conventional radio.

OBDII adapter for WLAN and Bluetooth

Accessories car stereo
OBDII wifi adapter at Amazon

You can also connect an OBDII Wifi adapter to the Pumpkin car radio with Android 8. Then use the app “Torque PRO” to get more information about your engine. With this adapter I already tried the app “OBD Car Doctor free”. With it the error log of my Porsche could be read out and reset. Therefore I recommend this adapter !

Accessories car stereo
OBDII Bluetooth Adapter at Amazon

If you prefer to access your OBDII data via Bluetooth because you are connected to the Internet via WLAN, this OBDII Bluetooth adapter is also suitable as an accessory for your Android car radio.

Microphone for hands-free kit

Accessories car stereo
High Sensitivity Microphone at amazon

This external microphone from Erisin can be used for all Android car radios. The call quality is better than with the internal microphone.

Headrest monitors

Accessories car stereo
Dual Universal Vehicle Headrest Monitor at Amazon

These headrest monitors can also be connected to the any car radio via a chinch cable.

Rear-view cameras

Accessories car stereo
License plate holder with rear view camera at Amazon

For rear view there are normal rear view cameras, night view cameras and rear view camera in the license plate holder. Users reported in my comments that license plate holders with integrated cameras are easier to install than separate cameras. For some vehicles there are also cameras that can be attached directly to the license plate light.


Accessories car stereo
Dash Cam,1080P 70mai 1S Car Video, 130° Wide Angle at amazon

You can also use this DashCam on a android car stereo. The camera can be panned up to 130 degrees and can be used for permanent shots of the traffic or the interior. The images are in a resolution of 1080P. The sound is also recorded.
The digital video recorder can store the recordings via USB on the car radio or on a MicroSD card in the camera. If desired, the recordings can also be stored in an endless loop in which the older recordings are overwritten. You can control it with an adroid app. I find it interesting that the camera can see everything even in the dark. And it  is not expensive !

Tyre pressure sensors

Xtrons TPMS06 with Reid Pressure Sensors and Receiver Unit at amazon

If you buy a radio from Xtrons, the TPMS06 tire pressure monitor is another interesting thing. The waterproof sensors permanently monitor tire pressure and temperature. You can have the values displayed on the car radio at any time.

Accessories car stereo
Tyre pressure display on Xtrons car radio

If your preset limit values are exceeded or fallen short of, the radio issues an alarm !
But this only works with a radio from Xtrons.

Steering wheel remote control for Android car radios

To use a steering wheel remote control you need a CAN-BUS adapter.
For some car brands the adapter is also needed to simulate an ignition voltage for the radio.
This allows the car radio to switch on when starting the engine or opening the doors.
Therefore, the basic principle is: You can install any radio in any vehicle if there is enough space!

Find CAN-BUS Adapter

If you want to install a universal device, all you have to do is get a radio bezel and a CAN-BUS adapter for your vehicle. Simply enter the term “steering wheel remote control adapter” or “CAN bus adapter”, the manufacturer, the vehicle type and the word “China” in the search bar.
Your search term could look like this: “Steering Wheel Remote Control Adapter vw golf china”.


In strong sunlight, the display of your car radio may reflect. Therefore I also recommend this anti-reflection film as an accessory for your Android car radio. It also protects your touchscreen from scratches !

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  1. I like what you said about getting a WiFi router to help you stream music in your car. My sister wants to be able to listen to all her favorite music in the coming weeks. I’ll share this information with her so that she can look into her options for stereo accessories that can help her with this.


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