Xomax universal device with Android 10

Xomax universal device with Android 10
Xomax universal device XM-DA759 Quad Core with 2GB RAM, 32GB ROM, Android 10 and 7 inch display on eBay

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Operating elements on the front

A large volume control is located in the middle of the front panel, which also functions as an on/off button. To the right of it there are two sensor buttons for jumping forward and backward to the next track. On the right edge there is a play button for DVDs, a USB port and a jack plug socket as audio output. To the left of the volume control there are sensor buttons for starting the hands-free car kit and the navigation system. On the left edge there are openings for the microphone, two MicroSD card slots and the reset button. As soon as you press the power button, the display will pop out of the housing. The sensor button on the far right has a double function. It can be used to tilt the whole screen into several positions.

Housing of the Xomax universal device

The car radio has a very high-quality visual effect and can be installed in really every vehicle thanks to its 1-DIN format. A simple installation frame and a narrow radio bezel are included in the scope of delivery. I think it’s good that you can only connect the really needed cables and that they are quite short. Because often there is not much space left behind the radio.

SIM card slots and USB ports

The two slots for microSD cards can accommodate microSD cards up to 128GB. With the three USB ports, you can even use media up to 2TB!

Connection options on the back of the device

When you install the radio, all you need to do is connect the ISO connector from the radio to the vehicle and connect the radio, GPS and WLAN antenna. I would then use the supplied connection cable to route the two USB sockets right into the glove compartment.

4G-Stick for Internet

At the back you can also connect a 4G stick and a USB data carrier. You don’t want to have something like that permanently plugged into the front of the device. The 4G mobile receiver always provides you with an Internet connection via WLAN. You can use it to navigate Google Maps on your car radio and listen to music via Spotify, YouTube and Internet radio. You can also check your emails and whatsapps. Unlike a hotspot on your smartphone, you don’t have to reconnect the radio every time.

Inputs of the Xomax universal device

A separate video input is available for connecting a Dashcam. Additionally there is a video input for a rear view camera. There is also a left and a right audio input. I recommend to use the external microphone from the scope of delivery to improve the hands-free system. If you like, you can connect the steering wheel remote control of the car with a separate CAN-BUS adapter.

Outputs of the Xomax universal device

Two RCA cables are also prepared for the output of video signals. Two headrest monitors can be connected to them. In addition, four audio outputs with RCA plugs are available for connecting an external amplifier. Even a subwoofer output is available!

Inner values of the Xomax universal device

More Xomax universal devices with Android 10 on eBay

Xomax universal device
Xomax universal device XM-2VA901 Quad Core with 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM, Android 10 and 10 inch display on eBay



Xomax universal device
Xomax universal device XM-2VA757 Quad Core with 2GB RAM, 32GB ROM, Android 10 and 7 inch display on eBay


Even more vehicle-specific devices

A very large selection of vehicle-specific car radios can be found in this article:

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Caution with cheap devices

Make absolutely sure that you do not buy a device with WinCE 6.0. With this operating system you cannot install apps. Furthermore, these radios only have a processor with 800 Mhz and 256MB RAM. This leads after some time to jerking in the operation and sometimes to dropouts during music playback. Because it is easy to mix up the devices, I have always provided you with links to good devices with Android 8.

Further information

Here are a few more articles that cover the topic Android car radio in more detail:

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Data of the Xomax universal device

Here I have listed the general data for you again:

  • Quad-Core CPU: 4x ARMv7 1,2GHz rev 3 Processor
  • 2G RAM; 32G ROM
  • Operating system Android 10.0
  • Screen size: 7 inches
  • Screen resolution: 1024 x 600 pixels
  • Supports DAB + Digital Radio
  • Support for 4K Ultra HD video
  • Key illumination can be selected as required
  • Bluetooth profiles: Headset, Speakerphone, A2DP & AVRCP, OBD Profile
  • Bluetooth connection for iPhones & Android phones
  • Wireless screen mirroring
  • Supports USB media up to 2 TB & SD cards up to 256 GB
  • Supports steering wheel remote control
  • Chinch connection for rear view camera
  • Chinch connector for Dashcam
  • 2 USB ports on the rear panel
  • 2 RCA connectors for video output: Two external monitors (e.g. headrest monitors) can be connected
  • Wifi
  • internal microphone
  • FM/AM radio with RDS
  • Audio output power: 4 x 60 Watt Surround Stereo

Connections of the Xomax universal device

Anschlüsse des Radios
Connections of the Xomax XM-DA759 with connectors for WLAN, GPS and DIN antenna


If your vehicle has two antennas, these are intended for diversity. If you use only one antenna for the radio, the reception will suffer! With a good diversity adapter you can use the signal strength of both antennas for radio reception.


Antenna adapter for the radio
Diversity antenna adapter with phantom feed and double Fakra to DIN on eBay


Scope of delivery of the Xomax universal device

Scope of delivery of the radio


Download the operating instructions as PDF


Pin assignment of the ISO connector on the Xomax with Android 10.0

price-performance ratio

Currently you can get the Xomax universal device XM-DA759 with Android 10.0 for all vehicles for 279.00 Euro in the online shop of eBay. Big, fast, very cheap and with the latest Android version.

Xomax universal device XM-DA759 Dual Core with 2GB RAM, 32GB ROM, Android 10.0 and 7 inch display on eBay

Xomax universal device XM-DA759 Dual Core with 2GB RAM, 32GB ROM, Android 10.0 and 7 inch display on Amazon

Alternative recommendation

You can get a similar radio with the Pumpkin AA0405B on eBay for 198.80 Euros. Its operating system is Android 9.0, it has an Octa Core processor and 4 GB RAM & 32 GB ROM memory. Many owners have already made good experiences with this radio. I have already described it in an article:

Pumpkin Universal Device with Android 9.0


The Xomax universal device comes with version 10.0 of the Android operating system and can be used as a navigation system, hands-free car kit and mobile music collection. I award a total of 4.7 of 5 stars. The seller arga7 has received 6448 positive, 51 neutral and 11 negative ratings in the last 12 months.

Advice and assistance

If you need help in finding the right car radio with suitable accessories or have a technical problem with the installation, then simply leave a comment at the end of the article stating your vehicle. I will reply immediately.

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