Xomax Android 6.0.1 handles 256GB SD cards

Xomax Android 6.0.1
Xomax XM-2DA6901 Universal device with Android 6.0.1 and DVD drive at Amazon

Dirk Heimbürger | 

The manufacturer has re-released the Xomax Android 6.0.1. The top model even has two slots for MicroSDHC cards on the front. At each slot you can use cards up to a size of 256 GB! There is a USB port on the front and back of the radio. The connector on the back can integrate USB sticks up to 2TB.

The new Xomax Android 6.0.1 looks really classy and stands out from the competition with its memory card sizes. On the front USB port you can also charge your smartphone. With the dual-zone feature, passengers in the back seats can watch a movie from the DVD drive through the head restraint monitors while viewing the navigation system at the front. For parking, the video signal of a front and a rear view camera can be displayed.

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