Pumpkin Universal Device with Android 9.0

Pumpkin Universal Device
Pumpkin universal device VA0401 with 2GB RAM, 32GB ROM, 7 inch display and Android 9.0 on eBay


Dirk Heimb├╝rger | created

If you have an older car with a simple radio, you can get many premium features at an affordable price with this device. With its standard ports, such a car radio is usually quickly replaced. The new one has a large screen, USB and SD card ports, navigation, speakerphone, streaming, mirroring, Bluetooth, WLAN, and more. External hardware and apps can also be used to upgrade functions.

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The new Pumpkin car stereo with Android 7.1

Car stereo with Android 7
Pumpkin 02306B Universal device with Android 7.1 at Amazon

Dirk Heimb├╝rger |

Now there is already a pumpkin car stereo with Android 7!
The device is thus on the version of the current smartphones. Unlike the competition, it has 32 GB of ROM.

The Pumpkin 02306B has three short-stroke keys and a volume control on the left front. This knob is also the on-off switch. Above it are the homebutton, the backspace key and a Navitaste.

At the top left you will find two holes. One for receiving signals from the infrared remote control and one for the internal microphone. A DVD drive does not exist on this model. But a slot for MicroSD cards. With this car radio with Android 7 you can use MicroSD cards and USB sticks up to a size of 64 GB. At the bottom there is also an opening for the reset with a ballpoint pen.

There is also a USB port on the back. It’s best to put the attached USB connection cable into the glove box. Then you can easily replace a connected USB stick. The 7-inch display even has a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. Even the 4-core processor is properly sized with a clock frequency of 1.6 Ghz. Read More